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Keep Your Supply Chain Moving With Cole's Service Center

It has never been harder to keep your supply chain functioning properly. The current pandemic has made logistics a nightmare for many businesses. We can't help obstacles caused by COVID-19, but we can make sure you don't have any other fleet-related issues that throw a bigger wrench into your supply chain. Cole's Service Center offers fleet and owner-operators premium repair and maintenance services so you can rest assured your fleet is always roadworthy. We emphasize proper preventative measures so we can fix potential problems before they result in a breakdown that backs up your logistics department. As a bonus, proper routine maintenance performed by trained mechanics helps increase fuel efficiency and overall performance which means further savings for your business.

Our Fleet Service specialties

  • Efficient Electrical Diagnosis Services

    Efficient Electrical Diagnosis Services

    At Cole’s Service Center, we do not like to waste your time or money guessing at problems. Instead, we utilize accurate and efficient electrical diagnosis services that allow us to show our clients exactly where the problem is and what we have to do to fix it. This enhances our ability to be transparent about repairs and decrease the downtime of any vehicle in need of repair. Our electrical diagnosis system exceeds industry standards and allows us to exceed our clients' expectations.

  • General Fleet Repair Services

    General Fleet Repair Services

    In order for a fleet to stay profitable, vehicles need to be on the road delivering, servicing, or transporting goods or services at a consistent rate. Excellent fleet repair can help improve overall profitability by ensuring breakdowns become a problem of the past. Our expert and highly trained mechanics help keep your fleet on the road by executing a detailed preventative maintenance plan that includes cleaning, running diagnosis, testing, lubrication, and making any indicated repairs.

  • Routine Proactive Maintenance

    Routine Proactive Maintenance

    Fleet managers constantly feel the pressure of delivery deadlines and regulatory guidelines piling up on them. We know that the struggle to be compliant is complicated by the struggle to remain on-time. That is why our mechanics offer reliable and proactive maintenance programs to ensure all trucks are able to complete their deliveries without complications or breakdowns. Our maintenance programs are based on the individual fleet vehicles, engine hours total mileage, and gas consumption. If the schedule is followed strictly, we can guarantee your trucks won't disappoint.